Mount Design, Fabrication & Installation

Mountmaking & Installation

Our elegantly designed mounts secure and protect objects on display.

What are the qualities of a good mount?

A safe and secure mount should support its object without causing damage, but also protect the object while on display. Also, mount construction should incorporate the proper materials: steel for heavy objects, brass for delicate items, acrylic for books, and forms for textiles. Finally, a well-designed mount should not distract from the display of its artifact.

Why are these qualities important?

Displaying an object discreetly while protecting it for the duration of the exhibit is the purpose of a good mount. A poorly built mount can do far more damage to an object than any external force by improperly supporting the object’s structure, and inexperience can lead to damage during fitting, installation or deinstallation. The delicate balance between safe display and optimal presentation drives the art of mount design. A mount should fully support the object yet not draw visitors’ attention.

Why is ELY the best company to provide mountmaking services?

Our mountmakers have experience with all types of objects and appropriate materials. From delicate fish bones to fully articulated dinosaur skeletons, ELY has mounted a wide array of artifacts. We have installed exhibitions in earthquake zones where all objects required seismic mitigating mount designs. At our shop or onsite, we can fabricate in steel, brass, acrylic, archival foams and many other materials. We appreciate the great responsibility of working with irreplaceable artifacts, and we work with our clients to develop the most appropriate design. After final fitting for installation, our mountmakers color match the mount to the object so that it retreats from view.

Why does ELY offer the best art and artifact handlers and installers?

We have a company full of these professionals who can provide our clients with all the services that fall under the category of art and artifact handling, such as installations, packing, storage, crate disposal, rigging, transportation coordination, barrier fabrication, small scale case fabrication, engineering, conservation, registration services and even training for other professionals. Our clients appreciate that our experienced art and artifact handling teams can solve any physical challenge presented by a collection.



We also provide these services as part of art and artifact handling: Registrar, Courier, Transportation Coordination, Rigging, Conservation, Consultation, Crate Disposal, Barrier Fabrication, Small-scale Case Fabrication, Engineering, Professional Training, Security System Design and Installation, and Lighting.



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International Spy Museum

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Museum of the Bible

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Dow Chemical Visitor Center in Michigan

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National Museum of African American History and Culture

Library for the Study of George Washington

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Jefferson and Slavery at Monticello: Paradox of Liberty

National Museum of African American History and Culture

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National Museum of Natural History

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National Geographic Museum

Dinosaur Mysteries

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Age of Mammals

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Arctic Studies Center

National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of the American Indian

George Washington and His Generals

Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

A Son and His Adoptive Father

Williams Center for the Arts Gallery, Lafayette College

Sports: Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers

National Museum of American History

War Stories: Reporting in the Time of Conflict 


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Spy Treasures of Hollywood: Highlights from the Danny Biederman Spy-Fi Collection

International Spy Museum

Resistance, Creativity and Survival

Anacostia Community Museum

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