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Ely, Inc.
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Forestville, MD 20747 

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Bruce Lee
President, Ext. 205
Dermot Rooney
VP/ Dir of Proj, Ext. 202
Kelsa Coker
Treasurer/ GM, Ext. 203
Becki Hartke
CS/ PM, Ext. 211
Kirk Hoffman
Senior Technician, Ext. 210
Jackie Bertelsen
Technician, Ext. 219
Joe Enos
Collections Mgt, Ext. 214
Dee Graham
AP & AR Spec, Ext. 201
Lesley Kolan
Technician, Ext. 217
Ryan Langston
Technician, Ext. 218
Tristan Lee
Assist Technician, Ext. 209
Todd McClain
PM/ Mounts, Ext. 213
Alex Menard
Deputy Director, Ext. 208
David Schlaegel
Technician, Ext. 212
Andrew Sinclair
Technician, Ext.
Clay Smith
Facilities Mgr, Ext. 204
Robert Tyson
Crate Shop Manager

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