Museum Quality Storage

Museum Quality Storage

Our storage facilities provide safe and secure areas to house any type of collection.

What are the qualities of a good storage facility for works of art?

A storage facility should provide a safe and secure area. Limited access guarantees privacy and protection from damage. Likewise, proper controls should regulate the environment inside the storage area. Finally, clients should have unrestricted access to their collections at the storage facility.

Why are these qualities important?

Peace of mind is essential when it comes to determining storage needs. Acceptable temperature and relative humidity ranges require expensive equipment that most institutions cannot afford. Also, video surveillance, fire suppression systems, smoke alarms and redundant security measures are integral to an exceptional storage facility. Finally, access is necessary for those who wish to visit their collections to view their objects, perform conservation treatments or conduct registration activities.

Why is ELY the best choice for artwork storage?

ELY storage facilities offer fully customizable areas, from fully partitioned vaults with dedicated monitoring to co-mingled, non-climate warehousing. We designed our facilities to promote rigid environmental controls. Data collected in real time prevents the temperature and relative humidity from exceeding acceptable levels. Dedicated fire suppression systems reach every area, and we test our smoke alarms regularly. Video cameras monitor the exteriors and interiors of the buildings and multiple levels of security control personnel access to each area. We welcome those clients wishing to visit their collections by not charging access fees and will provide resources and equipment as needed inside their specific areas.

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