Specialty Services

Specialty Services

The care and management of a collection can be overwhelming. Let us help.


What are Specialty Services?

ELY offers a wide variety of specialty services that can provide museum professionals or private collectors with many options for caring for their collections. These services include Anoxic Pest Control Treatment, Registrar, Courier, Transportation Coordination, Rigging, EQX Seismic Protection System, Conservation, Consultation, Crate Disposal, Barrier Fabrication, Small-scale Case Fabrication, Engineering, Content Management of Collection Based Websites. Management and Coordination of Traveling Exhibitions, Professional Training, Security System Design and Installation, and Lighting. With our years of experience and vast team of professionals we are able to take on projects large and small to provide the necessary expertise.


The EQX Seismic Protection System

The EQX Seismic Protection System greatly reduces the threat to your artifacts in the event of an earthquake by allowing an object and its pedestal to remain relatively stationary. The EQX Seismic Safety System for museums consists of two coated interfacing stainless steel plates that are placed between an artifact on a pedestal and the floor. During a seismic event, the coated plates gently slide over each other, resulting in a very low friction connection, therefore isolating the object from the seismic forces of the floor. The complete plate assembly is less than a quarter inch thick, so it does not compromise the object or design display.


The EQX System & Moving Large Objects

The system can make it possible to move large objects without having to rent equipment or hire specialists. The plates are coated or bonded with materials designed to slide over each other. The bottom plate is coated with a proprietary low surface energy silicone-epoxy on the interface side and a non-staining high friction nitrile rubber layer on the floor side. The top plate is bonded with a layer of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene on the side interfacing the bottom plate and a layer of nitrile rubber on the top side. The interface of the two plates results in a very low friction connection. To share or download this information as a PDF— https://indd.adobe.com/view/937187b7-a80f-4c74-bfd2-339d6250800e


 Anoxic Pest Control Treatment

ELY offers anoxic microenvironment treatments for the removal of known or suspected insect infestations from objects. Using a sealed microenvironment, oxygen is displaced by argon. Argon is an inert gas and is completely safe for the object. Unlike fumigation, the anoxic method is safe for both artifacts and people, while eliminating an insect issue. The treatment typically takes 30 days to kill any adult insects and eggs. SS_Anoxic pest control.pdf



Anoxic Pest Control Treatment

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